What we do

School drum shows

Rhythm is within all of us, our bodies are riddled with natural biorhythms. We work with children as young as 5 to find their rhythm within, and share with your students the importance of looking and listening especially to each other.

We inspire the experience of collective flow in all our shows and what a great opportunity for your students to experience a high level of engagement and focus. We also introduce themes such as “together as one”, “actions speak louder than words”, and “together we can make a change”.

Our interactive drum shows are such that each student and teacher is involved, the audience creates the performance, rather than the audience watching a performance.

We share the history of the instruments, and demonstrate that the drum is the very first mobile phone, students are always surprised when we tell them they’re about to receive a text message on their drum.

Not only do we use African drums, we also mix in modern technology such as looping stations and electronic gadgets.

Let Rhythm Interactive inspire, educate and entertain your students and teachers.