What we do

Interactive drum show for junior school (suitable for years 1 to 4)

Duration: 45 minutes

This show has been developed over the last five years with incredible results. Within seconds the Rhythm Interactive team will have your students singing and playing music together. The show uses a mixture of non-verbal and verbal communication with the underlying theme, ‘if you can say it you can play it’ and ‘together we can make a change’. ​


  • Connects the brain, the voice and the hands ​
  • Focuses on the benefits of learning through looking and listening ​
  • All students and teachers participate and contribute, everyone gets a drum ​
  • Demonstrates an alternative and fun way of learning music​
  • Encourages students to contribute appropriately within a group​
  • Promotes a can-do attitude within the group​
  • Connects and engages students in sharing music making with others ​

Inspire collective flow in your school by starting classes with an interactive music session. We have great options from cost effective 30 piece percussion kits, to sets of drums ideally suited to the size of a class room. Contact us about acquiring a set of new or pre loved drums. We also offer tuition material and ideas for you to use in your class room.​