What we do


It all began in 2003 on a trip to South Africa where John fell in love with the energy of African drumming and the powerful concept of group drumming. John heard his calling and took this concept back to New Zealand and introduced an interactive group drumming activity to the corporate events industry as a teambuilding activity.

After 12 years and over 2000 shows John shares his story and the importance of “following your passion” and not to listen to people that say “that won’t work” and “You can’t do that”.

After countless number of performances the shows became effortless for John and took on more and more an element of improvisation. The only way this works is when you know your material inside out and you read you audiences, listen to immediate feedback and tweak the performance as you go. John himself enters a state of flow throughout his performances the deeper he enters this state the easier it becomes to create collective flow with his audiences. John shares the tools he has mastered to create collective flow with his audiences each and every time.