What we do

School shows & workshops

Rhythm Interactive offers your students and teachers a range of inspiring shows and workshops. Our school shows are developed with the New Zealand curriculum principles, values and the key competencies clearly in mind. Our drum, singing and dance workshops are highly engaging, 100% interactive and geared to all student age groups and levels.

Our interactive drums shows are such that each student is given an African styled hand drum to play along during the show. African drums are among the first instruments used on our planet, we combine these ancient instruments with modern interactive technologies such as looping stations. We share our unique teaching methods such as “if you can say it you can play it” to demonstrate how your students and teachers can learn rhythm, music, singing and dance in a fun way.​

We offer shows geared to the different age groups: Junior, middle and senior.

Our senior school show is performed without a single word spoken as part of the theme “Actions speak louder than words”. We also offer a percussion workshop, African dance workshop, singing workshop and a teacher’s leadership development workshop.

Our aim is to inspire collective flow experiences during every show, using our 7 Languages of collective flow, which we also offer as a teacher’s workshop for schools interested in new approaches to raising levels of student engagement and creativity.