What we do

African dance workshop (suitable for year 4 to 13)

Duration: 60 minutes

This workshop is great way to loosen up and exercise by doing a fun activity.
Our professional dance teacher introduces an easy to learn traditional African dance routine which is made up of 5 parts. This traditional dance celebrates the woman returning back from sea on their fishing trip. The villagers sing and dance on the sea shore as their fellow woman return with their catch. The dance is accompanied by live drumming to create the real feel and energy. ​


  • All students participate and contribute
  • Dancing is a fun and exciting way to exercise
  • Encourages students to co-operate and work effectively within a group​
  • Demonstrates when it is appropriate to follow and when to watch and listen
  • Works on expression through movement
  • Promotes a can-do attitude within the group
  • Creates an atmosphere of equality; “Together as one”