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Corporate services and workshops

We live in a world filled with distraction and noise, most of us are constantly interacting with our digital devices. Screens are everywhere and it seems we’re slowly losing the art of looking and listening, the ability to be aware.

Imagine leaving this behind even for just 30 minutes, turning all gadgets off and entering a space where the focus is on looking and listening; especially to each other.

Our interactive drum show, demands exactly that. We give a drum to each delegate in your team, this instantly creates an activity where you have 100% participation. Drums because ironically the drum is one of the very first communication devices on this planet and because rhythm is very easy to teach and is within all of us.

Not a single word is spoken throughout the show, this not only creates a comedy element to the performance but also encourages your team to look and listen, accentuating the theme “Actions speak louder than words”.

If you’re looking for a performance which is interactive, filled with fun and laughter and one which will engage your team and add the total “WOW” factor to your event, then our interactive drum show will provide exactly that.

We also offer percussion workshops and Collective Flow workshops where we share how you can create a high level of team engagement and focus with any group.