What we do

Singing workshop (suitable for years 4 to 13)

Duration: 60 minutes

This workshop is geared to create harmony within your students and teachers. Believe it or not, everyone can sing and we help your students to find their voice. Singing is great for building confidence and expressing emotion. Singing together is a great way to demonstrate how a group can become so much more as the sum of its individual members.   ​


  • All students contribute
  • Promotes a can-do attitude within the group​
  • Connects and engages students in sharing music making with others ​​​
  • Encourages students to contribute appropriately within a group​
  • Creates an atmosphere of equality; “Together as one”
  • Focuses on the benefits of learning through looking and listening ​
  • Expressing emotion through the voice
  • Helping students to find their inner voice