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Talk 2: The magic of creating collective flow

In 2004 after one of John’s earlier shows a gentleman approached him and said “I loved you performance, but I don’t believe you really know what you’re doing” This question stuck with John for the next 10 years.

In 2014 during preparation for his Auckland TEDx presentation he understood what created the real magic in his shows.

John stumbled upon the ability in mastering to create collective flow with his audiences during his interactive drum performances. After nearly 2000 performances he came to the realization that through applying a series of languages John enters himself into a state of flow during his shows, the more he enters this state the easier it becomes for him to lead his audience into a state of collective flow.

During this talk John will share his experiences that fine-tuned these languages and the benefits our world can have if we practise the ability to create collective flow in any group environment on a regular basis.