What we do

Creating collective flow, leadership development workshops

To be in a state of flow is a mental state where a person is fully immersed in an activity, an energized focus, completely in the moment of now, in this state it has been proven that this person can achieve more and at a higher level.

Collective flow then is a group of people all experiencing the state of flow at the same time. A group actively involved in the same activity, totally focussed in the present moment of now. Positive focussed energy without distraction, conquering constant challenges as a group.

As a result of performing hundreds of interactive drum shows, we have mastered creating collective flow with our audiences. Let us share with your team how we create collective flow each and every time during our performances and how you can apply these techniques to any leadership role and your unique working environment.

Why learn the ability to create collective flow? A group of people experiencing being in a state of collective flow is one where each member of that group is actively immersed in the same activity, positively focussed and totally in the present moment of now working towards a common goal. As Professor Keith Sawyer puts it in his book “Group Genius” when collective flow emerges “Creativity goes through the roof. Performance soars”. ​ Learning the skills to create collective flow with any group is a powerful tool to get the best out of the individual and the group’s performance is directly related to the sum of the individuals forming that group. Not to forget the level of satisfaction created within each individual of that group reaching a common goal. Creating a sense of belonging and a positive work environment.

We offer Collective flow workshops and seminars, where we share the tools we have mastered in creating collective flow, we strongly believe anyone can learn and master the 7 languages of creating collective flow, and how to apply these tools back into their unique leadership role or group activity.